Yes, we are playing Settlers of Catan. Anyone who says “Monopoly is the best family board game” is getting shot. Even you, Pirate. That game just ends in fights.


((Yes, I watch Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop, why do you ask?))

  1. b00mt00b said: Correction Serious: that game doesn’t end.
  2. poetsashes said: Ever play the Atmosfear series? They are a cheesy series of not to serious “horror” games. Funny and normally a blast
  3. billyvideo said: I have ALWAYS wanted to play Settlers, but I can’t find anyone around me to play it with :S
  4. metalgeartwilight said: or in all the monies!
  5. asklittlepip said: I’m reminded of a photo of Monopoly money next to a dollar. The comment below was “one has broken up families, shattered homes and ended friendships. The other is U.S. currency.”
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